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            无碳复写纸(Carbonless Copy Paper,简称CCP)是一种新型的复写纸,其特点是,在复写纸的上层写字,不用垫涂了油墨的复写层也能复写。无碳复写纸多应用于多联单据上,现在的发票、合同、条约等有法律效应的正规单据,已经全部用上了无碳复写纸。江河现有“木”、“水”、“水木清华”、“开源”、“木之源”五个品牌的无碳复写纸,其中“木”、“水”为高端品牌。

        Carbonless paper (CCP or NCR) is coated paper with copying function that requires no carbon paper to be inserted between different layers of paper, but if you write or apply pressure on the first layer the writing or the image is re-produced on the underlying layers. Today carbonless paper is used to make official documents with legal effects, such as contract forms, tax  invoices, hotel bills, vouchers, etc. From JiangHe Paper, we deliver carbonless paper for different qualities under different brand names。